Are Your Ducks in a Row?

Getting your financial life in order can seem overwhelming. And when we do think we have it together, it’s because we’ve set up a lot of “automatic” things that we think are keeping our financial future intact. Just because you are opting into things like a 401k, life insurance through work, or even if you have a financial professional, it doesn’t mean it’s handled. It’s not just set it and forget it. One of the biggest problems you could face when heading towards retirement is the fact that you didn’t give yourself financial check ups along the way. A lot of people are offered an employer sponsored 401k plan. You should definitely be taking advantage of this great benefit. Many of us ju

It's Time To Handle It!

Women are basically ruling the American economy right now, holding more than 52% of management and professional related jobs in the US. And now 40% of women are the household breadwinners. The biggest kicker is that women are controlling 51% of personal wealth in the US and are expected to control $22 trillion by 2020! These are not numbers to be ignored. So with women killing it at pretty much everything we do, why are we still afraid of planning for our financial futures? Women control more money, are more educated, and have more freedom than ever before. We’re not afraid to go out and follow our dreams, to work hard and prove ourselves, to climb corporate ladders, build companies, do w

The Beethoven Principle

Ludvig van Beethoven, one of the most prolific and acclaimed composers in history, completed his final symphony in 1824. Symphony No. 9, which has endured for almost three hundred years and is as recognizable as any piece in the entire canon of classical music, was composed when Beethoven was completely deaf. Here’s a sample. So how did he do it? By knowing the sound, pitch, and tone of every instrument in the orchestra? Yes. But is that all? Beethoven’s vivid imagination was also able to conjure up the unique characteristics of each instrument and he instinctively knew how each instrument and each section of instruments would compliment each other to produce such soaring and moving

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