Things to Think About this Thanksgiving

As year end approaches, various holidays have most people running around preparing for guests, buying gifts and doubling-down on the craziness already controlling most people’s lives. But this is also a time of year when thankfulness begins to pervade our consciousness. We find ourselves reflecting upon the people, opportunities and blessings that surround us. Of course, most people’s first thoughts focus on family. Then, we also find concerns uniquely important to us, from helping others to those serving our country and much more. Making sure that our family is always taken care of and that we can assist those who are disadvantaged or in need is an act of selflessness grounded in this s

3 Questions to When Protecting Your Small Business

Building a business takes a lot of effort, time and money. With your attention typically focused on daily tasks and personnel, you may be unaware of critical financial planning issues that could impact your long-term success. Unforeseen events happen all the time, and if you haven’t properly planned for them, it can take a major toll on your business and your financial well-being. Did you know that due to otherwise avoidable events, nearly 70% of family businesses don’t survive to a second generation? Life insurance, disability insurance and “key man” insurance are critical tools to protect the value of your business to you and your family. Ask yourself these questions when it comes to thi

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