Understanding the Rules of Finance

Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get ahead? “Financial rules” can seem to be set up so that they only benefit those who have made them. When planning for your financial future, it’s important that we understand these rules and how they can affect our success. Just like any game, you need to really understand the rules in order to win. So, how can we become better equipped to play the game? If we are not careful when planning for our financial futures, we may be dealing with institutions who want our money, want it systematically, want to hold on to it for as long as possible, and want to return it little by little when we want it back. Luckily, we’ve figu

Millennials and Money

Let’s talk about Millennials. Everyone tries to tell Millennials what they should be doing with their money. Save! Save! Save! - that’s pretty much the bottom line of all the articles out there about how you should become financially successful. Budget, save for retirement, know what you’re spending your money on, think about investing, be sure to start paying those student loans and oh, did I mention budget? This so called “ beginner's guide to money” can quickly start to seem really overwhelming, unachievable and scary. Let’s lay down a few thoughts and philosophies about money that are sane, sound and simple. Don’t let the big numbers scare you. Yes, you will need to save for retireme


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