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You’ve heard that tune on the piano. In fact, if you’re like most, you even learned how to play it as a kid. Maybe an older sibling or a friend taught you. It’s so easy, almost anyone can do it. Listen if you like.

You played just a phrase or two and it seemed impressive at first because it included some basic rhythm and harmony. You played more than one note at a time and it didn’t take too long to make it to the end. You made it and you were proud of yourself. But let’s face it; that didn’t mean that little ditty was a musical masterpiece or that you were a concert pianist.

When it comes to our personal finances, we have to be careful and be discerning about the tune we hear coming out of the mouths of those who so freely give financial advice. Many of those folks – especially those who have a large megaphone – may be giving advice that’s no different than them playing “Chopsticks!” And some who play their simplistic tune are just hoping you will be dazzled by it and buy the product they are selling.

Gifted musicians can craft a composition that includes many elements. Rhythm. Tempo. Instrumentation. Melody. Harmony. Chord progressions. And dynamics in volume. They all come together to form what can become a “classic” that stands throughout time.

When it comes to personal finances, make sure you are working with financial professionals that are gifted in the same way. Those who know their audience – YOU – and have the ability to create a financial future for you and your family that has the same ability to stand the test of time, serving your purposes and bringing music to your ears, not just money to their pockets.

For more on this approach to personal finance, speak to your Leap Professional today. Whatever you do, don’t be fooled by those folks who simply are playing “Chopsticks!”

You might also be interested in a guest blog posted by my colleague, Christian Castiglione, titled “The Beethoven Principle.”

“Chopsticks!” is a common name for Der Flohwalzer (the “Flea Waltz”) but also known all over the world by other titles.

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