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A New Year, Looking Forward!

David Wiesner | President, Leap Systems

As one historic year ends, another begins. Never in our history has the world been shut down as it was in 2020. As December closed out and the year came to an end, it’s always good to reflect on your accomplishments and start looking ahead to what you want to achieve in the upcoming year.

For me, I am always looking forward and thinking about what I want to accomplish and where I want to be in 3 months, 6 months and even 9 months from now. While 2020 forced many of us to change our strategies, I truly believe the events made us better people and harder workers.

It’s easy for a college football team to win a national championship and rest on their laurels. A few years ago, after Nick Saban won his second championship in a row, he was interviewed immediately after the win. He looked concerned, not even smiling, and said he was already thinking about the recruiting trail he was about to embark on. While it is good to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor, we as individuals should always be looking to improve in any way we can and never settle for just being successful.

Leap is no different. While we made great strides in 2020 regarding defining a consistent training platform, bringing social media into the fold again, and improving our online system, that was just the beginning of where we need and want to be. The plan for this upcoming year will be building upon what was accomplished in 2020. Improving Design Center to have spend-down capabilities in retirement, and to also illustrate RMD’s and Social Security payments while showing its impact on taxes. Making usability one of our top priorities, we will be overhauling Financial Stories to limit clicks and add a 'Favorites’ feature to allow highly used calculators to be more easily accessible. Everything that is done via paper will make its way to the online system this year. From a ‘To-Do List’ that can be shared with the client, to a fillable Resource Identification Worksheet.

Regarding the Leap Learning Center, expect a new wave of software tutorials covering various aspects of the online system and calculators. If you have a question, we encourage you to search the list of videos, there is an abundance of content that many don’t realize is even there. Our training team will be devising new online training strategies while we remain limited to virtual communication for the first half of the year. Online software schools will be offered in Q1 and Q2, ranging from the basics to more advanced topics. The new trainings, that will also include face to face opportunities, will be deployed later in 2021.

Leap is always strategizing on how to become better! How are YOU planning to improve?



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