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Being Present

Dr. Faye Mandell | CEO and Founder of Being Present Inc.

Do you ever have moments in your life that make it difficult to concentrate and stay present? Distractions can be pressing and stressful such as a child who isn’t doing well in school, a family member who is ill, or a personal financial hardship. Perhaps your to-do list is daunting and you are trying to figure out “how to get it all done”. For most of us, these events are running concurrently with our daily work and life is still happening around us. All or any of these events can cause our minds to wander and be on alert when we don’t necessarily want them to. Restless and sleepless nights occur from thinking about and planning solutions compound these distractions because we’re exhausted. Who thinks clearly without sleep?

In your current mindset and environment, when one or more of the above situations are happening in your life, are you able to concentrate while meeting with the client, giving them 100% of your attention throughout the entire meeting? Can you reign yourself back into the conversation if your mind wanders or your thought process shifts? This is where Self-Powerment comes into play.

The Self-Powerment Model helps people operate from a new level of awareness where they can make deliberate choices, focus, and have clarity and ease in how they experience all areas of their lives. The training breaks down how to eliminate destructive thinking and return to the I-am, the here-now, the present moment. The model is a practical tool to reposition yourself into real-time so you can make meaningful connections and be intentional with your clients and all the people in your life.

If you’re interested in becoming more focused, clear, and present, the Self-Powerment Model could be your recipe for success. Click here to learn more.



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