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Leap Self-Powerment

Dr. Faye Mandell | CEO and Founder of Being Present Inc.

Leap Systems is a philosophy. Self-Powerment is a model focusing on behavior and self-discipline. While they may seem distant from each other, there are fundamental similarities between Leap and Self-Powerment:

  • They use a non-linear approach to solutions and experience, by using the current information and applying it to make the best solutions for clients.

  • A moment-to-moment adaptation to change. This adaptation enables us to be more hands-on in our approach to living with uncertainty and change, both environmental and internal changes.

  • Access and utilization of intuitive wisdom. We complement our intellectual expertise with our wisdom from our natural intelligence of the body to provide the most comprehensive way to accomplish our task.

  • Creating authentic relationships. Authentic relationships are created with our clients based on trust and service. When a client has trust, they are willing to see beyond their own fears and skepticism to a more holistic approach to problem-solving.

Both the Leap Systems philosophy and the Self-Powerment model encompass these seven drivers: security, compassion, integrity, accountability, courage, gratitude, and kindness. Together, these are the natural motivators of behaviors when you come from direct experience. They allow people to create deep and trusting bonds so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Combined, Leap Self-Powerment allows you to achieve peak performance in your personal and professional life. The training for Self-Powerment will provide a renewed focus on turning your intentions into accomplishments that will transform your Leap practice and produce extraordinary results. You can find more information regarding Leap Self-Powerment here.



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