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What a Year for Leap!

David Wiesner | President, Leap Systems

As we prepare to say “farewell” to 2021, I’d like to take some time to reflect on this past year. This year was different and very trying. Personally, I was ready and hopeful to resume working as we did in 2019, in person and without restrictions. Well, that didn’t happen. And so, I knew I needed to change my mindset, and reality told me I needed to do it fast. To pivot and really place an emphasis on what Leap needed to do to become a great, fully remote team, who supported its users no matter where we are working was my main goal. I’m happy to say, that’s exactly what we did!


First, we focused on how to protect our users and their information. While this is a multi-step process, the first item was to continue to support our “old” Wealth In Motion (“WIM”) users by incorporating the WIM functionality into Design Center. Design Center was not designed to demonstrate these types of scenarios, specifically to illustrate money coming in and going out of a drawer simultaneously. To put the amount of work needed to make this happen into perspective, compare this to someone wanting to add a second story addition onto a home whose first floor was built using balsa wood. Similarly, we needed to recode the “foundation” before we could “build” and develop what needed to be changed to support the new functionality. Our development team was able to complete phase one of the Design Center enhancements by the end of November, this year!

The WIM functionality wasn’t the only task asked of our development team, as there was a boundless list of items they were also able to accomplish that includes; ensuring all calculators have the ability to save data, updating the annual 2021 number/rates, adding the default Cash Flow Analysis to the Client Portal, adding the Problem and Resource Identification Worksheets and Task List functionality to the online system, and dozens of other functionality and system changes that were suggested by YOU, the user base. For a full appreciation of what we were able to accomplish, check out the Release Notes located under My Account > Release Notes.


While this also posed to be a challenging aspect with travel limitations and restrictions, we once again pooled our creative ideas together and came up with new ways to engage, mentor and educate. Leap offered several new and improved virtual workshop experiences and they were a huge hit! We thank our wonderful trainers for trusting and partnering with us to provide unique and quality learning experiences. Then, 21 months into this crazy pandemic world, we offered a live software training opportunity…and it sold out! We initially reserved one room and ended up with two rooms, safely packed to capacity! If you weren’t able to join us, stay tuned for 2022 as we have a plan and it’s packed with a lot of training opportunities! My advice, sign up early!

Again, this is where at the end of each year once I’ve reflected on all of Leap’s accomplishments, I’m grateful. Grateful for a wonderful team of dedicated employees who have YOUR user and client experience at the front of their minds. Grateful for a community of Financial Professionals who are dedicated to helping their clients achieve their best financial outcomes possible, and using Leap to do so.



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