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What Drives You?

David Wiesner | President, Leap Systems

Everyone is driven by something inside of them. For a runner, it could be to run faster or for a longer distance. For a teacher, it can be to break through and make a connection with a more challenging student. We are not taught to be driven, it’s an instinct we are born with.

For me, I never want to “settle.” I consistently push myself to workout daily to stay in shape, to always be a better drummer for my band, and focus on improving how I can help make young kids more successful in the sport of football. Having a mentality of “it will get done tomorrow” is not something I prefer to follow or model.

There are several key role models I’ve looked up to who all have strong drives to be and do better: Neil Peart, the drummer of Rush; Joe Montana, the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers; and my dad, the Head of Research and Development for Boeing Vertol prior to retiring.

My forward focus and never settle drive is the same when leading the Leap Systems team. When planning for a release date for the software, we start with a set of tasks that we feel is attainable with a realistic time frame and build on along the way, when feasible! The goal is always to get as much into a release as possible. If something comes up last minute, I really try to find a way to fit it into the release. While waiting for another development cycle may be acceptable to our users, I’d rather get the fix or enhancement to the users as soon as possible. The customer experience is very important to me, and the Leap team!

At Leap, we are a tight-knit, compact team. In 2022, there were over 60 changes made to the online system. There were a total of 121 live, personalized and virtual trainings and more than 800 calls and inquiries were received as of December 1. We hear you…and we are working hard to serve you!

As we look forward to 2023, we have many training opportunities for all learning levels, and much more development work to be done in the online system.

On behalf of Leap Systems, we wish you a happy and successful 2023.



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